Unique and Magical

Your candle lighting experience will take you to sweet serenity with all the soft aromas Everlasting Safe Haven has to offer.


Who we are

Our candles are hand poured with the devotion of delivering a memorable aromatic experience in your home.

Based in California and known for curating unique fragrances is what makes our world go round.

We can guarantee you'll make a great impression to loved ones who walk into your home.

How to Properly Burn your Candle

Follow these 3 simple steps for a long lasting and clean burn.

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Best Sellers

Love Potion

I've been buying candles from Everlasting Safe Haven for a while now and Love Potion is for sure my all time favorite! 

Mayra E.    

Sweet Escape

I purchased the love potion and sweet escape a year ago and I’ve burned it completely to the bone. It has a nice intimate aroma. - Shakiyla M. 

Shakiyla M. 

Fresh Zest

LOVE the smell of this candle. Especially as a bathroom candle, perfect scent!

Iridian B.